Let your voice be heard.

Unlock the power of speech with Well Spoken. Our therapy is designed to help you find better ways to express yourself, overcome mental or physical speech challenges, and be confident you will be heard.

Improve your speech with the right therapy.

My therapeutic solutions give you tools that will build confidence in the power of your own voice. Grow the ability to express yourself and enjoy the pleasure of being heard.

Therapeutic Speech

Therapeutic Speech can benefit children and adults. Find your voice. Discover and learn the tools you need to confidently express yourself through speech.

Public Speaking

Unlock your own public speaking style and get equipped with a toolkit that will help you to be heard. Discover the power of breath, stance and memory.

Physical Therapy

Rebuild the confidence you have in your own voice. Discover important techniques to improve your speech through memory, breath and stance.

Therapy in Education

Helping children to listen, to remember, and to speak. Introduce the power and fun of creative speaking into the classroom.

Helping children learn with a focus on communication.

Everyone has their own way of connecting and communicating: some children and adults find this more challenging than others. I work within schools and with parents to help children across all levels of ability to learn good listening skills and unlock the power of speech.

Well Spoken - Robyn Hewetson - Hawekes Bay Speech Therapy

Neurodiversity and speech

Games, Therapeutic Speech and Listening Therapy make it fun for all children to learn listening skills, develop their speech, and create connections. For individuals or classes.


Performing arts and speech

Add Performance Coaching to the preparation for your next show. Drama presents a great opportunity for children to develop public speaking skills in a fun environment.


Joining your classroom

Help the children in your classroom develop their listening and speaking skills with a range of fun games and therapeutic speech tools. All lessons tailored to your needs.

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My Story

I teach people to speak well. With 44 years experience teaching children, adolescents, teachers and adults, and 18 years teaching speech to children and adults with disabilities.

Well-Spoken-Public-speaking-coach-Robyn Hewetson

My name is Robyn and I am warm, enthusiastic, accessible, supportive, and I can help you raise your speaking standard.

I originally trained in State Teaching in New Zealand, then in Speech and Drama as well as Steiner Education in the United Kingdom. Then I moved to the United States, where I acquired over two decades of sales and management experience.

My formal qualifications are:

  • B.Ed in New Zealand Education
  • 2 year Post Grad Diploma in Waldorf Education – Emerson College UK
  • 4 year Post Grad Diploma Speech and Drama – London School of Speech Formation
  • Business training in professional presentation skills – USA.

As a level two qualified practitioner for Tomatis Sound Therapy, I help children with ADHD, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorder and so much more. I see great results when helping children and adults with learning challenges via listening therapy.

By weaving these threads together, I have developed an expertise in helping people to tell their story well – whether it be a story for a class in early childhood, or giving a large group presentation for a company sales event.

I am passionate about helping my clients to increase their speaking and presentation skills by gaining confidence, developing memory and improving articulation.

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